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Tips for traveling to Finland

Staying Healthy While Traveling in Finland

Even though Finland is off the beaten path, it is no doubt a place you will enjoy going to. You cannot reach Finland by train but only by boat or air travel. However, you are expected to make your travel more sustainable.

If you are looking to travel to Finland, you should consider using the services of Matkaporssi. However, you should first read what other people that have booked trip to Finland with the company have to say about them on Suomiarvostelut before patronizing them. Here are tips on how to do so:

Travel lighter

It is advised you look at the weather forecast in Finland before you travel. There are four different seasons in the region and the temperature changes a lot. Ensure you take layers of clothing with you. This helps you to be more versatile in your clothing. if the weather gets colder, you are already prepared, and if it gets warmer, you can simply take off a layer of clothing. Also, have a thorough look at your suitcase and take out everything unnecessary. You will find high-quality products in Finland if you need anything.

Use public transport

In Finland, public transport is very affordable and accessible, as most cities are interconnected by train and bus routes. In the country’s capital, there is the single-lined metro which you can try out. Also, Helsinki is home to a big tram system,  a beautiful sight you should see before you go back. Also, you can explore the city you are in by walking. The air in the country is one of the purest and the breeze is always soft during summer.

Eat local food and use local handicrafts

Now that you are in Finland, you should try out more of the local foods and handicrafts. You will find that they are more sustainable and there are always beautiful stories behind them. Besides, Finland has many skilled craftspeople who are ready to share with you the memories behind their handmade products. You can also visit a winery or local sweet home if you’re looking for something to take home.

Respect everyone’s rights

In Finland, you have some rights as well as responsibilities. For instance, you can pick berries in the forest for free, spent the night in a ski or tent. However, you should not make any attempt to change or damage nature. You should always leave everywhere clean, pristine, and just as you found it. Besides, disturbing other people, walking in their fields, or disturbing the wildlife is not accepted. Some places have restrictions, so ensure you read the signs before you make any move.

Commit to a habit of recycling

One major culture you will quickly notice in Finland is how the people are healthily obsessed with nature and sustainability. Most of their cities are preparing for a carbon-free environment. As such, it is expected you fall into tune with this obsession.

Always recycle your products. For instance, after emptying the content of a plastic bottle, you should take it to the store for recycling. Most hotels have a sustainable policy for their towels; you reuse your towel to save energy as it won’t have to be washed regularly. Wherever you are in Finland, ensure you contribute to the safety of the environment.