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Go Solo in 5 Awesome Places to Travel: Reviews 2021

Going on solo travel trips looks a bit difficult, but it is the perfect way to spend some refreshing time with Mother Nature. On the other hand, finding the ideal travel companion for every trip is not possible. Family members have hectic work hours; friends don’t have enough money, while others don’t want to visit the places you prefer.

Solo travel makes sense, but you should know which places to visit. Online domestic flight reviews will help you as you might need it as a solo traveler.

 However, it is your best chance to discover yourself and a joyful adventure. So, if you plan a solo trip, here the best places for solo travel in the world. For booking and latest flight details, visit Collected.Reviews.

Netherlands, Rotterdam

Avoid the crowded area of Amsterdam and take a flight to Rotterdam. Unlike Amsterdam, you can smoothly navigate Rotterdam via public transport, by foot rand like Amsterdam this city is also bike-friendly. You will surely love the outstanding views of the city’s elegant architecture and heritage. Plus, food halls like Markthal and Fenix are exceptional places to have delicious Dutch cuisine. Lastly, like other European travel destinations, Rotterdam is entirely safe for solo travelers.

Chile, Santiago

Santiago is an ideal destination even if you don’t know Spanish. Santiago is a lovely place to get around alone; you can always take Uber’s subway route or services to overcome language problems. Travelers love the casual local food. The city has many fantastic places to look out for, such as Cerro San Cristobal, Sky Costanera, Cerro Santa Lucia, Viña Cousino Macul, and more.


Within Asia, no other place is more beautiful than Malaysia. You will find many unbelievable rainforests and fabulous canopy walks, vibrant towns with excellent food. Above all, locals speak English well. However, Malaysia doesn’t have a travel party scene, but you can fly to Thailand for perfect nightlife and stunning parties.

On the other hand, a trip to Malaysia is not that expensive. Hotels are cheap, and so are the flight tickets. You can easily stay one or two weeks without spending much.


Here comes the most underrated destination in the world Georgia. This small land has a lot to offer for solo visitors. You will find cobbled streets, thousand-year-old churches, and fantastic wine cellars. Georgia features the perfect mix of Soviet dilapidation and evolving modernization. The beaches are stunning along with challenging snow-capped mountains, indeed one of the best travel to explore alone.

New Zealand

Another best place for solo travelers in 2021 is the Covid-Free, New Zealand. Enjoy the fantastic sceneries of the world from the edge of the world. You are going to love its road trips and natural beauty. Unlike other countries, the place is not crowded, so it is perfect for relaxing and having some inner peace. There are many places from where you can watch the beautiful sunset and enjoy wine in the wilderness without anyone disturbing you. You can go to the East Coast, and after a short drive, you will find the Southern Alps that is a perfect place for snowboarding or hiking lovers; it is a dream. Furthermore, there are no deadly snakes or animals, so you can hike and enjoy the beauty peacefully and without any worry.